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About AYN

AYN's mission is to unite the beauty of gold jewelry with the value of saving. Our approach distinguishes itself by selling gold jewelry at a transparent price per gram.

Our vision is to make jewelry accessible as a long-term investment. This not only brings people more beauty into their lives, but this golden splendor also offers the opportunity to increase their prosperity (see: value of gold).

The jewelry market needs change. For decades, the jewelry industry in the West has sought to maximize profits by keeping prices opaque to customers. Jewelry was sold without transparency about the cost price of the precious metal. This often resulted in excessively high prices for jewelry.

This is a shame, because jewelry has served as a 'Store of Value' for more than 4,000 years, a way to preserve wealth for the future. This principle has been distorted by excessive prices, with customers often paying significant amounts that are disproportionate to the actual gold value of the jewelry. This is not only a missed opportunity for customers, but also makes the jewelry industry unnecessarily profitable, to the detriment of those who want to invest in the beauty of gold jewelry.

AYN uses a unique business model that differs radically from current practice:

  • AYN does not strive for the highest possible profit margin, but rather tries to make the most beautiful jewelry available as a means of savings.

  • AYN is the only jeweler in Europe where the price of a piece of jewelry is directly linked to the gold price.

  • AYN uses a fixed, transparent percentage of 100% of the gold value of a piece of jewelry.


This percentage covers the costs of design, production, office space, vault space, packaging, shipping, insurance, gold price fluctuations, taxes, free maintenance supplies (see maintenance), labor costs and investments. For our competitors, this percentage fluctuates between 350% and 1000%. You can gain more insight into how these percentages are determined on our "Buying tips for gold jewelry" page.

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