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Our prices

At AYN, jewelry prices are directly linked to the current gold price. This makes us among the most transparent and exceptional jewelers in Europe. What makes AYN unique is our focus on offering fair prices for jewelry, in line with our mission.


Our pricing guidelines are as follows:

The weight of the jewelry.

The current market price of gold.


For example, if a piece of jewelry contains 2 grams of pure gold and the current market price of gold is €50 per gram, this means that the gold value of the piece of jewelry is €100 (2 grams x €50).


For each piece of jewelry we use a fixed transparent percentage of 100%*.

Specifically, this means that if the gold value of a piece of jewelry is €100, the price excluding VAT will be €200.

As with most goods and services in the Netherlands, 21% VAT is applied to jewelry. At AYN, all our prices include VAT.


Thanks to our unique business model, with us you get an excellent price and maximum transparency!

For more information about our prices, please also see our "Buying Tips Gold Jewelry" page.


*We use this percentage as compensation for various costs such as design, manufacturing, office space, vault space, packaging, shipping, insurance, taxes, labor costs and investments. At other jewelers, this percentage is usually between 350% and 1000%.

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