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Golden Creoles Twisted Finesse 14K

These Creoles are a unique piece of jewelry made of 14K gold with a twisted design. With a diameter of 25 mm, a length of 3 cm and a width of 2.6 cm, this hoop earring radiates playful elegance.

Golden Creoles Twisted Finesse 14K





    14 carat/58.5%


    2.11 grams 




    3 cm


    2.6 cm


    1 year 

     Quality mark

    * The weight can vary by up to 0.1 grams per earring set.

    **The length may differ by up to 0.1 cm per earring set.

  • At AYN, our jewelry sales prices are derived directly from the gold price. This makes us one of the most transparent and exceptional jewelers in Europe. This makes AYN unique because we are not looking for the highest margin, but for a worthy price for jewelry(see also AYN's mission).

    The guideline for determining the sales price of a piece of jewelry is the weight of the piece of jewelry and the market price of gold. For example: if a piece of jewelry contains 3 grams of 14 carat gold, this means that under a market price of €30 per gram, the gold value of the jewelry is €90 (3 grams x €30). We charge a percentage of 100% margin which includes all our costs. At other jewelers you can easily pay more than 300% to some even 1500%! We do things differently at AYN!*

    Example of AYN's price calculation:

    Weight 14k gold

    3 grams

    Gold value**


    AYN's fee***


    21% VAT


    Sale price****


    * See our Buying tips for gold jewelry page so you never pay too much for jewelry again.

    ** Gold value is based on the international gold market.

    *** See Our Prices page for more information about our unique prices.

    **** Prices are updated regularly. Is the price incorrect? Take ContactContact us and we will adjust it immediately!

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